Speaker: Giulio Jacucci    (University of Helsinki)


Fluid Information Discovery: Intent Based Multimodal Exploration of Information Entities


   Resourceful interaction is proposed as a paradigm in which humans and computers mutually make available resources to deliver unprecedented performance, engagement and overall user experience in discovering information. Examples are reported from novel user interfaces for discovering information that exemplify Resourceful Interaction: an interactive model of intent represented by keywords used to direct exploratory search, entity based parallel search streams, eye tracking guidance combined with multitouch input in interactive visualizations. The examples demonstrate how providing access and manipulation of computational constructs such as the intent model constitute an important resource for users in information exploration. Correspondingly providing implicit signals of the user to the retrieval and visualization system can provide important resources to achieve fluid and symbiotic information discovery.


    Giulio Jacucci is Professor of Computer Science at the University of Helsinki. His research field and competencies are in human-computer interaction including: human information interaction and retrieval, mobile social computing, multimodal and implicit interaction, physiological computing, haptics and tangible computing, mixed reality, and persuasive technologies. He is co-author of Design Things by MIT Press. In his recent work he co-authored Interactive Intent Modelling a novel approach in information discovery beyond search that appeared among others on the Communication of the ACM.

   He is founder and chairman of the board of Etsimo.com providing solution for information discovery beyond search. He is also a founder and member of the board of directors of MultiTaction.com MultiTouch Ltd. the leading developer of interactive display systems. Prof Jacucci is coordinator of MindSee "Symbiotic Mind Computer Interaction for Information Seeking" a european project that applies physiological computing and in particular brain computer interfaces to information seeking. He founded an international Workshop series on Symbiotic Interaction, which he chaired in 2014 in Helsinki.

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